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Cool; very good to hear that USPS is a possible option.
Thank you for that comment.

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On Sat, Aug 14, 2021 at 1:08 PM cozygirrrl via <> wrote:
We were told no, no, and no by all shippers, then Randi carried it all protected in cardboard into our local postal substation where she knew the counter guy and he took it without any comment. 

On Aug 14, 2021, at 1:09 PM, Ryszard Zadow <ryszardzadow@...> wrote:

Thank! I understand your situation., 

Anyone on this list nearby that can pick this up and get it out  of the way while we research shipping options? 


On Aug 14, 2021, at 08:36, cozyfly342@... wrote:

RAFE is welcome to take it.  I'm currently in the final stages of cleaning out our house for our move.  My plate is fuller than it's ever been at this point.  I've tried arranging shipping for a similar prop and found that neither USPS, UPS  or Fedex retail will take it. It needs to go freight and despite the fact that it only weighs 14 lb they want it on a pallet.   If RAFE is able to arrange pickup and shipping from Grafton MA you're welcome to it.  Here are some photos and dimensions:  Width 57"  Height 50" Thickness 5"  Weight 14 lb.

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