Re: Towing planes into hangar - was: Easy way to balance CHTs

David A Froble

On 8/16/2021 12:57 PM, Del Schier wrote:
Hi Terry,

I just went and looked at it and I think I know what you see. The space
between the plates does look even in person.

I did have it all apart when my NG3 bracket failed and it ground the
foot off for the nose lift. I put it back together by sanding
everything with 80 grit and putting flox around the gear leg; then
snugging the bolts. After it cured, I torqued the bolts to ¼” AN specs.
I'd be a bit careful about that torque. The bolt and nut are rather strong. A bunch of torque might crush flox before stretching the bolt.

No, I don't have any idea what might be appropriate ...

I probably cleaned out any flox that oozed out between the metal.

I figured I wanted the clamping force on the leg not on flox between the
metal plates. It makes sense what you said, however, the metal does
flex. Maybe I should just fill in the gap at this point. I probably
put it back together like it was before the gear collapse.

Del Schier

Cozy IV N197DL

Cannon Creek Airpark 15FL

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balance CHTs

Hi Del,

Not to ignore your cooling post, but something of more immediate concern
is the lack of flox filler between NG 15A casting and the 1/8" aluminum
plate. Without flox filler in the empty space, the 4 bolts have nothing
solid on which to clamp on. A FIRM nose wheel touch down can flex the
18" plate, loosening the clamp force and allow the nose wheel assembly
to come off the fiberglass nose strut.

Notice in your picture how the gap between 1/8" plate and NG-15 is not
parallel but is tapered, thanks to the bolt tension.

Terry Schubert
Central States Association Newsletter Editor

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Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2021 17:08:22 -0400

Yes Marc,

I agree, it is a lousy place to tow from. I did, however, always pull
straight in so there were never side loads; only a compression load of
the force of two people pushing the airplane. I cannot push it up my
apron by myself.

Today I fixed the rope, and also tried to fix the lousy remote for the
Harbor Junk winch so I can stay alongside the airplane. I also found an
old 12V power supply that runs the winch so I don’t have to go get a car
battery in 95 deg weather.

See the attached picture. I think the “!” way will be easier to attach
and won’t come undone letting the Cozy roll back down the apron and flip
on the tail. I just hope it won’t damage the gear leg fairing: I put a
hose around the rope.

The real reason for my recent post was to tell everyone how well the CHT
balancing worked and how easy that was to do. I got no comments??

Del Schier

Cozy IV N197DL

Cannon Creek Airpark 15FL

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*Subject:* [c-a] Towing planes into hangar - was: Easy way to balance CHTs

Del Schier wrote:

Even though I had the nose partially down when the winch rope jumped
off the gear foot it flipped on the tail.

Folks - PLEASE do not tow your plane by attaching a
winch/rope/chain/whatever to the lower part of your nose gear. The gear
on our EZ's was NOT designed to take any substantial side loads, nor to
take substantial loads in the forward direction.

If you're going to tow the plane, attach the tow rope/whatever above the
NG-3/NG-4 metal bits, so that the loading moment arm is much lower and
the forces are applied nearer to the connection with the fuselage. Much
safer for the aircraft.


Marc J. Zeitlin <> <>

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