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Thanks del
Will do

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I upgraded my Cozy with the triple puck Matco brakes; huge improvement, much safer. BTW I am sure you could not have put the Matco calipers on Cleveland wheels and axles.

You should put them on eBay for some Cessna 150 owner that needs certified brakes. The EZ builders should use something better. I got more for the old Cleveland's than I paid for the Matco brakes.

Del Schier
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I am a stupid Cozy Builder. Years ago I replaced my Cleveland brakes with Matco and didn’t know that all I had to buy was like the calipers. I bought axles calipers wheel hubs everything. willing to sell for 75% of current price. I wouldn’t use them on a cozy but I think they’ll be fine on a long very As you can see. Prestige.
Mike aka dust
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