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Bill Allen

<< Curious how many people have battery mounts / housings that vent to the outside...>>

I just completed a full repanel and rewire of my CZ4 which included the fitting of an EarthX battery.

Having been involved in automotive engineering almost (but not quite yet) all my life, and having seen 3 major meltdown/explosions, I sprung the extra bucks and went with the vented version.

Most Cozy battery’s are mounted on the main spar too, so I also mounted the battery box on a 1” pad of ceramic insulation material. Worst case scenario is a battery meltdown that doesn’t just try to gas you, it tries to melt the centre section spar too.

If it’s easy and cheap to minimise this possibility, it’s time and money well spent IMHO.

Bill Allen
LE160 N99BA
Berkut G-REDX

On Mon, 20 Sep 2021 at 19:49, Saro Marcarian via <> wrote:
Just passing along an anecdote.

My wife & I were driving down the road in our comically problematic Dodge Ram.

She asked, "You smell that?"

Back & forth, it's us, it's not us.  I pull over, pop the hood, can't see anything.  Downwind of the fan, I can smell the smell.  Upwind of the fan I cannot.  Shoulder shrug.  We're sort of nowhere so we decide to keep going to our destination.

Every time we slow or stop, the smell really comes through the vents.  I'm starting to not feel too great.

We get where we're going.  Smell is pretty bad.  I pop the hood and still don't notice anything.  Shut the engine (hence the fan).  The main battery shows its hand.  It's is emitting some sort of smoke or vapor.  Because I trust American cars as much as I trust, eh...  Ok, there's nothing I trust as little as an American car.  Point is that I've got tools for tools in the back and immediately pull the battery.  Got lucky as it was just starting to emit some liquids.  Once pulled off the electrical system frantically trying to charge it, it calmed down and died a peaceful death.

If only our dead relatives could be turned in for a $22 core charge...  Too morbid?  BTW, how have battery prices doubled, yet core charges shrunk??

All of this is just to serve as a reminder that even your good old lead acid battery can ruin your day, be it a Dodge, a Honda (my weapon of choice), or <ObligatoryCanardContent> a Rutan Canard </ObligatoryCanardContent>.  I wish I could describe the smell.  Not quite tar.  Not quite rubber.  Not quite brake or clutch.  Definitely something you'd like to avoid breathing.

Curious how many people have battery mounts / housings that vent to the outside...



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