Re: BR8ES Plugs with electronic ignition/O-320

Tim Andres

You dont say what engine you have, but that plug is probably the most popular in the experimental community for 0-320/360 Lycoming  
The BR8ES comes in 2 part numbers, solid top and screw on. You want to solid too ones, the screw on terminals can be used but have caused problems if they come loose. 

On Sep 21, 2021, at 9:52 AM, aviationeyes <skyeyecorp@...> wrote:

I've been using the same W24 EMR-C for the last 3-4 years (~150hrs) and other than a little cleaning at condition inspections, they have given me reliable engine operation.  I probably don't need to change them even now, but their outsides are getting ugly with surface rust. Someone recently gave me a new pack of NGK BR8ES plugs. These are standard (i.e., no exotic metal tip electrodes) plugs otherwise having the same threads/heat range/reach as the W24 plugs. Does anyone see any problems or have any reports with using them?

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