UPS damages Cylinders

Michael Amick

It has been 90 days since I took a set of Lyc 235-L2c Cylinders over to the local UPS STORE, after reading an article in Kitplanes, by Paul Dye, advising they would "professionally" pack then ship in 1 transaction. A bit pricey but included insurance for my declared value & was only 4 day service TN-CA.

Sadly, they did not arrive in usable condition at LyCon who immediately called me when the box arrived & later that day sent me 50+ photos of the box torn open & no 'packing peanuts.' The bubble wrap still allowed the cylinders to beat themselves against each other. With bent fins & broken rocker pin bosses I made a quick claim to the UPS STORE, sending him all photos & was told it took normally 30 days to settle.  I followed up with Ly-Con the next several days & verified that UPS Insurance did call to set an appointment to inspect, but did not show up & they did not call back. 

After 45 days and several visits nothing added had been done from the "Insurance" office.  At this point I called corporate UPS to complain about the UPS STORE's lack of action.  In 2 days I got a call from the "UPS Insurance" office blaming Covid delays & wanted me to file a claim again, via email & send them only 10 pictures with 4 being exterior shots of the box. Last 3 visits to the UPS STORE has the story of "They are processing, & have approved the claim" but no check & no action. 

Anybody else been successful with a UPS Store Claim for aircraft parts?
Got a # for me to call?

Moral to story, Pack yourself & send via
Michael Amick
Franklin TN

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