Operation limitations

Glenn Charles


After 17 years of the rebuild of N600EZ I’m trying to get it into the air.  I don’t want to fly it until I’m legal.  BUT the paperwork is almost harder than the build ! !!!

Does anyone have any idea what the FSDO office means by operational limitations associated with the airworthiness certificate ?  I don’t think I got anything like that when I perchased the bird in 05.

I’ve also somehow let the registration expire but I have re-applied, and sent in the fee but when I call, they say they’re processing applications from January !!!!!  How can I wait several months when flying weather is here !!!

Also, I need a conditional  inspection since I did not build it. Any one near SBM that could help ?  I’m about 35 miles due East of OSH. 

Any help would be awesome. 

Also, does anybody else have super hot cowling ?  I can’t even keep my hand on it after taxi tests.

Using reflective insulation under the cowl helps but I wonder if it restricts airflow .



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