Re: What Price Speed?

Ryszard Zadow

I don’t complain about the price of gas, I just go fly.  Avgas is the cheapest component of airplane ownership. 😁

On Jul 12, 2022, at 20:35, Izzy via <inbriggs@...> wrote:

$9.50 a gallon at ENJB. Makes you almost want to go on just one engine. 


On Jul 12, 2022, at 20:50, Marc J. Zeitlin <marc_zeitlin@...> wrote:


Just wanted to point people to a good article (with 100LL prices now around $7/gal) by Mike Busch in AOPA Pilot Magazine, August, 2022, page 84, about flying for maximum efficiency. He discusses best endurance speed, best L/D speed, and Carson speed, with some graphs. He also debunks (again) a few OWT's, of which there seem to be many in aviation.

Highly recommend it.

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