Re: Landing and taking off in a canard


I’ll have to cry bullshit on that advice. 


On Aug 15, 2022, at 13:03, Bob Holliston <bob.holliston@...> wrote:

I tell people that if you don't use the speed brake and you have an engine failure on final you ain't going to make the runway. At least if you're trying to "put it on the numbers". It happened to me in a borrowed Long EZ only it was on the downwind to base turn. I popped up the speedbrake, banked hard and pointed 45 degrees for the threshold. With a 30 MPH headwind (fairly normal at Hood River OR, the windsurfing capital of the world) I made it with nothing to spare. Turns out a piece of a brass thread from the carb. needle seat had hung up the float and flooded the engine. I had just returned from Jackpot, NV. 

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Hi Joel-

In general:  It depends on the length of the runway and whether it's a VariEze or a LongEZ.  An Eze will bleed speed in the flare more quickly than an EZ.  In my Eze I only use my landing brake if the runway is short, say < 2500 ft or so, or if I'm flying a tight overhead pattern and want a steep final turn.  A clean (= no landing brake) EZ will float more if attempting to land with some excess airspeed, which I discovered the very first time I flew one, the prototype N79RA, in Mojave.   Burt insisted I fly his "new" airplane and tell him what I thought.  At the time the landing brake had not been added.  After an hour of fun I attempted to land just like I did in my Eze.  After floating for well over 1000 feet, discipline finally took over and I went around, despite the long runway.  Routine use of the landing brake in a LongEZ will allow more precise landings.

First flight:  I'm with Izzy on this one.  Skip it.  It's just one more complication in an already crowded mix of inputs.  Find a long runway and eliminate one worry.  Concentrate on nailing your airspeed on final.  If you float, remember you're not the first.  If you float more than a little, go around and try again.

Last:  I've never flown any version of the Cozy.  Given their airfoils' LongEZ heritage, I would expect their landing behavior to be quite similar to the LongEZ but that's strictly an assumption on my part.  


On 8/14/2022 8:41 PM, Joel Ventura wrote:
I think there was some good useful advice in there.  Thanks for that.  Any recommendations about using the belly board in general and on the first landing in particular?

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Telling folks not to “over-rotate” is like telling  them to “land good”



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