11-4.00x5 Tires for sale

Marc J. Zeitlin


I've got 5 (yeah, I know, it's an odd #) tires for sale. These are NOS (New Old Stock), never used but have been sitting around for a few years, 11-400x5 main tires used for Berkuts, VE's, LE's, and some COZY III's (maybe a couple other types as well, but those are the most common). Here's what I've got:
  • 2 - Cheng Shin 8 ply (ACS P/N 06-01573) list price $42.85
  • 3 - Aero Classic 8 ply (ACS P/N 06-01240) list price $107.00
All five look brand new - no cracking or aging of the rubber (they've been stored inside). No tubes, just tires.

I'll sell them as a group or individually for 1/2 ACS's price plus shipping, whatever that turns out to be. First come, first served.

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