Re: Dynon D6/10/10A display failure/replacement?

Del Schier


I had to replace the display on my EFIS D-10; but not because it was dim overall. It had a large oval dark spot in the center of the display.  Dynon wanted $650 plus shipping in 2-3 weeks. I replaced the display for $40 and 5 min on the bench. I it has been working well since for a couple of years.

It was impossible to identify the display as it was installed without a metal shield that had all the identifying numbers on it. Fortunately, one of the guys here on the forum knew what it was.  Dynon would not tell me.

One day I did have another problem with the display on my EMS-D-10. It was dim and flashing when I turned it on but would usually fix itself after it warmed up. That turned out to be a bad fuse connection in my 20 yr. old Bussmann fuseholder. Check the voltage on start-up going to the Dynon!

Del Schier

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I forgot which venue had the recent conversation about replacing the LCD display in the Dynon 6/10/10A series of EFISs so trying all 3 venues. I have a new to me Dynon D6 and noticed that the screen was barely bright enough to be read even in the hangar. The brightness/dimming function definitely dimmed the screen, but did not make it bright enough. Is this how your Dynon screen manifested a requirement for replacement or did the display do some other weird stuff instead? What was the best source for the replacement screen?



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