Re: Crash

Ron Springer

It was N201RF into KGAI at 1729 EST last night. Flew to NY earlier in the day and was returning with ceilings near minimums. A Cheyenne did a missed approach 30 minutes earlier and diverted to KFDK. Apparently, from reports of someone who listened to 128.7 on LiveATC, Potomac Approach was having issues with this plane navigating properly prior to the approach at KGAI. The track on Flight Aware looks interesting toward the end. Flight Aware claims the plane arrived, which it mostly did! Unloading was just a bit more challenging this time.

I was one of the many thousands without power for 5.5 hours. Now it will just be another reason for lots of people around here to complain about the airport ...


On Mon, Nov 28, 2022 at 9:19 AM William Silva via <> wrote:
From the “N” # it looks like N279W or N279M perhaps.

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