Re: Long EZ Buy issues...

David A Froble

Just looking at the pieces, in round numbers:

Kit: $35,000
Engine: $25,000 (give or take $5000)
Labor: $40,000 (figure one man year @ $20/hr)

I'm betting you'd have a hard time getting a Berkut from it's owner for $100K.
If I ever get that far I sure wouldn't want to start over again. The above
numbers are one gestimate, and some may consider the skilled labor worth much
more than $20/hr. Then again, some people enjoy the building more than the

Definitely agree with you.


Graham Singleton wrote:

At 10:23 14/05/2001 -0700, Richard Riley wrote:
The highest price I've ever heard for a Long EZ is $55k. (Compared to the
price RV's bring, even the best EZ's are a bargain.) Does anyone know of a
higher price for an EZ?
No but I know of one that's worth a lot more than that. Glenn's Berkut.

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