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David A Froble

Jim Sower wrote:

I am encouraged that although nothing is available to the
public as yet, they purport to be looking ONLY for customers
who can demonstrate the resources and desire to conduct

Well, Ok, I'll go a bit further. Note that I don't KNOW anything, but am
speculating. AMW/Cuyuna has been rumored to be testing the SmartPlugs, and have
been working on an 'all fuel' engine for the military. I'd guess the two may
cross paths somewhere. What I have seen is an announcement of the engine for
running on all fuels, notably diesel. Nothing spectacular, but the military
seems very interested in engines which can run on any fuel available. It would
seem possible that they might have used something like the SmartPlugs to get
this product developed.

As I said, I don't really KNOW anything, because my last discusson with anyone
from AMW/Cuyuna on this topic was several years ago. I haven't been interested
enough to ask since then. But I'd think that an all fuel engine would be kind
of tough using regular ignition methods. Poured some diesel into my golf cart
by mistake. It didn't run long. :-)

Maybe Jim's onto something and quiet progress is being made.


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