Re: New poll for canard-aviators

Harley Dixon

Wayne and Canardians...

Would you like to the canard-aviator's list to permit email attachments? <<
I'm not sure that everyone knows what they would include...they are probably thinking advertisements or viruses (I noticed a 'No' in the vote).

Allowing attachments (or using HTML) would permit you to include a picture or drawing of what you are talking more need for those ASCII drawings that we are all so familiar with that turn out differently on everyones machine because of different fonts.

You could include pictures of the planes, avionics, etc, whatever you are talking about, not to mention shared files and databases.

I've been involved in several other email groups that do allow attachments...they make a big difference in clarifying a statement or request.

I voted yes...Wayne should turn on that feature. Once you've had it for awhile, you won't be able to live without it.


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