Re: Info on making my own metal parts

David A Froble

I've seen some rather simple looking parts become real problems when you try to
reproduce them. Something as simple as an aluminum rib. In a jig, they come
out nice. Without the jig, a mess. Something to consider.

My feeling is to try it if you're so inclined. Either you'll pick up some new
skills, or, you'll decide the $40 is rather cheap. At least you'll know. Do be
sure your parts are adequate.


Rick Maddy wrote:

In a few weeks I will begin working on the canard for my Cozy. I have a little
sticker shock over some of the prices of the canard hardware. NC-CLT is a
fine example. Brock wants $40.00 for two lift tabs. I can by a piece of Aluminum
from Wicks for $2.00 and cut them out myself in 10 minutes.

This is a simple example I know. The rest of the pieces aren't that trivial.
My question is what would it take for someone with no machining skills or
experience (I can use a drill and band saw) to make most of these parts
themself? I don't want to spend 2 years in schools and far more in tuition
then it would cost to buy them.

Just curious if it is worth it.
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