Re: Berkut Cowl vs. Spruce Long-EZ Cowl

David A Froble

Stet Elliott wrote:

I think the Berkut cowlings are great. If I were to build a new EZ from
scratch I'd build the airplane to accommodate the cowlings from the outset.
But to modify an existing EZ fuselage to accommodate the Berkut cowlings is
too much work and adds too much weight, in my opinion. If I were you I'd
check out the Featherlite cowlings. I don't know much about them but I'm
certain that they'd be easier to fit on a standard EZ than the Berkut cowl.
Which prompts at least 2 questions.

If you were building another EZ, would you do another LongEZ, or just do a
Berkut? I was inquiring about various pieces once, some just from curiosity,
and Richard finally said, "If you're looking at all those parts, you just may as
well build a Berkut", which I agree with. Since I already have wings, canard,
fusalage, spar, and such, some of my inquiries were just for information and not
something I needed.

If there were some demand, I'd think that BerkutEngineering could consider
molded LongEZ cowlings. Wonder if that question has been asked? Not too many
with the expertize that exists at BerkutEngineering, and I'd think anything they
produced for a LongEZ (should they consider it worth their effort) would be
first class.

Ok, 3 questions. Curiosity only. What would you change to get the fusalage to
fit the cowlings?


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