Re: Berkut Cowl vs. Spruce Long-EZ Cowl

David A Froble

Stet Elliott wrote:

Also 'consider' building an EZ with straight wings. If you use the Berkut cowling
there's no need for the kink in the trailing edge of the wing (I think). I'd be
sure to check with Dave Ronneberg and others more knowledgable about this though.
Wing modification is a serious business.
BerkutEngineering claims that their molded wings fit a number of the EZ type
aircraft. Not the Velocity, if I remember correctly.

I agree about the Berkut. I'd love to have one. I have yet to prove that we
are capable (of finding time) to do composite work, and the kits are over 40
grand now, and yeah, lots less composite type work, but before I go looking for
the 40 grand, I'm going to see significant work (if not completion) on the
LongEZ project I currently have. I hate being prudent.


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