Re: Wheel Pant installation

David A Froble

Covering the wheels was a secondary thought. From reading multiple posts, it
appears that people that have built wheel pants that extend very close to the
ground have problems with bumps, low tire pressure, parking on grass, door
rails, etc. What I originally thought of was some method to raise the wheel
pants some small distance, maybe less than an inch, for the increased ground
clearance while on the ground. Even if it stuck in the 'up' position, all you'd
do is have a bit more drag. The 'down' position would be normal, except when
extra ground clearance was needed.

As usual, many ideas are a 're-inventing' of something that has passed around
before. Still, sometimes ideas have to wait for their 'proper time'.

As I said, I'm obsessed with retractable mains. I've read all the reasons why
this is big cost for minimal gain. However, retractable mains will look great,
and most important, that's just what I want. Gotta make yourself happy.


Herb Sanders wrote:

Dave, Do you remember some years ago when Jim Bede was promoting the BD4, he had
some '"retractable" wheel pants. For landing, a part of the middle on each side
(clam shells) opened up, and in flight they closed to fully enclose the tire. They
must not have too effective, as I have not seen any in use at Oshkosh in years.
Herb Sanders
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