Re: HSI VOR Glideslope

C. W. Wright <wright@...>

I am thinking of replacing my DG with an HSI so I can have glide slope
information. Obviously it is difficult to find space to install an
indicator, but, does anyone have any recommendations or possibly know of an
alternative to an HSI.

The coolest HSI around can be found on a Garmin-195 gps. For most flying,
it's better than a panel mount because:

1) No gyros to fail,
2) Provides flight track info rather than heading which permits perfect
cross-track management,
3) Doesn't cost a fortune to buy,
4) Doesn't cost a fortune to fix when it breaks.
5) If you run it on ship power normally, it will operate on it's
own internal batteries for hours should you have problems with
ship power.

I have the 295 and the 195. In my opinion, the 295 isn't worth the extra
couple hundred bucks.


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