Re: Number of canard cores

Bill Swears


I think, due to insurance requirements, designers don't want us
and calling it by their trade name. Rick Roberts King Kozy, if he ever
completes it, will not be called a Cozy IV, although that's the original
plans. If he crashes it, he's crashing a fleet of one, rather than
negative statistics to the Cozy IV family from which he derived his
However, Nat Puffer will be asking him for details about his design and
success, because "That's how you Learn".

I don't fault you for your determination to stick by the published
Nonetheless, I think we've argued this one to death, and I'm hoping
refrain from arguing philosophy when people ask technical questions. At
keep it private instead of insisting on starting that tired old debate
those who innovate and those who don't.


brian amendala wrote:

Yes, I disapprove of modern day innovation without proper certification.
If you check with EVERY kit or plans manufacturer, they do the same. Maybe
they are trying to tell us ya think?
I don't trust myself to make changes without consulting the manufacturer
and/ or designer.....Brian


were Orville and Wilbur Aeronautical Engineers, or do you just
disapprove on modern day inovation without proper certification?

Request you play nice, and try to remember that their probably is no
such thing as the Ultimate Expression of any technology. Certainly
nobody is going to argue that the Long EZ or the Cozy IV are the
ultimate expressions of canard technology.


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