Re: Number of canard cores

David A Froble

brian amendala wrote:

Yes, I disapprove of modern day innovation without proper certification.
If you check with EVERY kit or plans manufacturer, they do the same. Maybe they are trying to tell us ya think?
I don't trust myself to make changes without consulting the manufacturer and/ or designer.....Brian

I don't think it's your preference for following the plans that has people disagreeing with you. In addition to that preference, you also came across as implying "and you're not allowed to ask why anything in the plans is the way it is". It's that issue, being allowed to ask questions, that has caused all the argumentative replies.

Remember that one of the FAA's reasons for homebuilt/experimental is education. How can you learn from an experience if you're not allowed to explore the 'whys' of what you're doing?

Note that asking why something in the plans is the way it is, is a lot different from actually deviating from the plans.


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