Nav Lights - retraction

John Slade <sladerj@...>

It seems I jumped too quickly regarding the cool looking nav lights from

They DID reply to my email, but my server was down that day, and I suspect
that the message was lost. At least it never got to me. Here's the reply
they just resent:

Got an e-mail from the mold maker. He chose to add an additional
quarter inch in height to the lenses. He refinished the plugs with
laquer and polished them to a high luster in preparation for making
the deeper mold. Apparently the finishing material used on the plugs
was attacked by the material used to paint the plug so he must
repaint with a different material on the plugs and try again.

Not a serious condition but a delay is still a delay. Maybe this

We are shipping everything else so people can get started on the
True, they haven't delivered YET, but they have answered all my emails
except this last one, and they seem like good people. I'm sorry I put them
down unfairly.

IMHO we desperately need an alternative to the heavy and overpriced Whelan
stuff. In earlier correspondence, they agreed to a 30 day money back if I
didn't like the lights. If they come through with the product before xmas
I'll give these lights a try and will report back.

Regards & apologies to CCI for any damage done,
John Slade
Cozy IV #757

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