Stiick & Rudder

Scott Derrick <sderrick@...>

I just finished rereading Stick and Rudder. What a great book. I first read
it before I started taking flying lessons. Now after 600 hours its a completely
different book. Just as good the second time through, but addressing things I
didn't understand enough about 5 years ago. Whole new chapters found this time

It would be really great if somebody could rewrite the first 3 sections using a
canard pusher as the example plane instead of the taildragging tractor setup
that is discussed.

There is a book for Bonanza's called "Flying the Beech Bonanza" that was my
bible when I first started flying 3943N. I think I read that thing 3 times.
Indespensible for someone who wanted to get the most out of his airplane in the
safest possible manner.

Some body on this list that has lots of canard time, a damn good pilot and a
good writer wouldn't hurt should think about writing a "Flying the Canard
Pusher" edition. I bet you could get sections donated and written by Rutan,
Puffer, Swing, etc.... Something that is as technicly correct as Leboweizt(sic)
but written for the pilot, not the engineer.( No slam on engineers, I'm one, but
we write lousy manuals).


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