Re: Safety to all

David A Froble

Bruce Layne wrote:

From my LongEZ's POH:
"Crosswind landings may be flown several ways. Mild cross winds are easily
handled using the low-wing sideslip approach. Another method is to simply
land in a wings-level crab. The landing gear design makes this technique safe
and easy. The best method for strong gusty crosswinds is to approach in a
wings level crab and straighten the nose with the rudder immediately before
touchdown. Be careful not to lock a wheel brake (full rudder) at touch down."

I hate to behave like a fundamentalist, but... "Burt said it, and I believe it."
Landing in a crab is fine, right up until the time something breaks. At some
point something WILL break. Having an idea what that point is for a specific
aircraft sure would help.

Having the wheels aligned with the direction of travel sure seems like a good

Two questions.

Is every EZ type out there the same configuration, weight, etc, that RAF tested?

As a fundamentalist, do you expect Burt to help with the repair, should
something break?

No flames, it's just that there is always the question of the line dividing
'mild crosswinds' and 'strong gusty crosswinds', and acting like it's always
'strong gusty crosswinds' sure seems to me to be the safe approach.


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