Re: Mag Switch yh

David A Froble

FLYaDIVE@... wrote:

Hello Group:

I would like to put a question out. I'm helping a friend do some electrical
work on his plane and he has a KEY MAGNETO SWITCH (Off - R Mag - L Mag - Both
- START). He would like to remove it and go to a TOGGLE SWITCH / PUSH BUTTON
system (R Mag - L Mag and START).

My questions are:

1 - What type of connection is on the back of the KEY SWITCH?

2 - What Kind of TOGGLE SWITCH do I use for each MAG?

3 - What amperage rating should the TOGGLE SWITCH be?
Keep in mind that AC switches and DC switches are different. DC switches are
more robust. Using AC switches for a DC circuit will probably cause an early
failure, and you really don't want such on the mags.


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