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Jim Rodrian

Simple solution - use a scale to ratio the mix. I use 25 grams of micro to
100 grams of West epoxy. I mixed about 10 batches to cover the top of one
Defiant wing. After a lot of sanding, any low spots are filled with the
same mix ratio. Density is consistent and it sands fine.

Jim Rodrian

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The old safety-poxy is ok but you'll notice it
harder to sand. Mix it up nice and dry, and good luck!
The biggest problem my friends and I had was getting EXACTLY the same degree
of dryness in each batch. If they aren't the same then sanding an area where
you've had to put micro over a previous layer of micro is a real bear. The
two batches will not sand the same and you'll get ridges where one batch
meets the other. Heart breaking!

John Meyer

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