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David A Froble

Jaques Palin wrote:

Hello Group,
I am busy doing some vacuum bagging with molds that I have made and was
using an old refrigerator compressor as the vacuum pump. My vacuum system is
similar to James Redmons ( .
Unfortunately the pump locked up and is unusable now. I went to a
refrigerator repair facility and they told me that it would always lock up
if you use it in such a way. They said it had something to do with the oil
spraying out and the system not being under compression. My question is if
someone knows where I can find a reasonably priced and quiet pump that will
draw a vacuum between 25Hg-30Hg, or if someone knows what I have to do to
keep the refrigerator "compressor" from locking up.
Jaques Palin
Atlanta, GA

Years ago a friend introduced me to a rather important publication. :-)

Surplus Center
P.O. Box 82209
Lincoln, NE 68501-9973

Call and ask for a catalog. Page 112 of the 2002 catalog has vacuum pumps starting at 27.95. That particular one uses 36 VDC, so it isn't too useful to most people. However, there appear to be a few that will pull 25 Hg or more.

One note. Things are in this catalog for a reason. Some may actually be surplus. Others could be not to spec, or garbage, or anywhere in between. I've got to wonder about the 28 VDC aircraft vacuum pump, what's wrong with it that it doesn't have a certification and costing a bunch.

The item I'm looking at is:

GAST 0523 - Direct drive oil-less rotary vane vacuum pump.
1/4 HP, 220 AC (220 being one drawback)
4.5 CFM @ 0
3.6 CFM @ 10
.5 CFM @ 26 Hg max
Continuous duty with thermal protection.



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