Prop Extensions

foster hancock <foster@...>

Greeting Y'all:

Finally; I can see light at the end of this (23 year old) tunnel called VariEze.

I have a coupel of questions (as usual) tho:

1. Judith Saber, of Saber Manufacturing has (presumably) sold out to a gent named Sam Tilleman, in Granbury TX. Is the quality of Saber Extensions still as good as when Judity Saber ran the business?

2. I have not been able to identify whether the prop flange on my Lycoming 0-235-L2A engine is "SAE 1 or 2".

I think it is SAE 2. (I hate WAG's (Wild Ass Guess's); mine are usually wrong. Does anyone know (and how did you know)??

Foster Hancock

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