Re: Drybread Berkut Accident DISTRACTION Theory

Wayne Walker <walkerwg@...>

Hi all:

Attended the funeral for Bread yesterday. Very well
done, lots of laughs, Jazz music, stories, tears and
good memories. It ended with a missing man fly over,
flown by 4 RVs...and more tears.

Along with Ronneberg and a couple of others, I visited
Steve's hangar and the crash debris hangar. We
inspected the bulkhead attach points. Ronneberg went
on to visit with the FAA where he was shown the

Conclusion: the bolts were not in.

Additional facts. There was a major distration that
may have led to the accident. The day before, or the
day of, the accident (not sure which), the canard was
off. A friend came to see Steve. The friend wanted
to sit in the cockpit. Friend got in. Steve kept the
bolts in the seat of the cockpit when the canard was
off. Phone rang, Steve answered it. Guest got out of
the cockpit. Plane fell on its tail. Propellor
broke. Steve had to swap propellors to run the test

One can only imagine the next set of facts and Steve's
preoccupation and emotions. But that is all we know
now. Bottom line is that distractions are dangerous.
Check and double check maintenance. Use a second pair
of eyes to verify, etc.

Wayne Walker

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