Re: Canopy color

Graham Singleton <grasingleton@...>

At 16:14 29/05/2002 -0700, LADEWIG,MARK (HP-USA,ex3) wrote:
Hello everyone,

I've started planning for installation of the canopy on my long-ez and I am
considering using the clear canopy vs the "smoked" or darker canopy. Does
anyone have any pros and cons of one compared to the other. However, if it's going to partially obscure my vision or cut down on
clarity of color I'll go with the clear! Anyone have any thoughts?

Mark Ladewig
IMHO the best compromise is a bronze tint because it removes the UV and blue, which increases contrast and takes out the glare. A similar effect to the way an infra red camera works. The dark tints take out all colours so simply reduce the contrast and information transmitted.
After ten minutes the eye/brain compensates for the color change and white looks white again. However cameras do not have this capability.

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