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Elwood Johnson

Again I say, Like all org. EAA is not ruled by the majority but by the majority that are involved.
Volunteer now!!!!!!!!

EJ Johnson

On Aug 9, 2011, at 11:12 AM, David Froble <davef@...> wrote:

This is not an easy issue. I normally feel that if you condone activity that you don't
like, then you are facilitating it's continuation. I also feel that while not exactly in
line with my own personal goals, EAA does work at advocating aviation. So on any
particular day, I could come down on either side of the issue. Not black and white.

I do not currently have an EAA membership, and as a small time vendor of aviation
hardware, I don't feel EAA has much to offer me. Nor can I rule out ever being a
exhibitor at Oshkosh and/or Sun-N-Fun in the future. About all I can say.

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