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Ken <kenezmiller@...>

Lightning protection. 


               The marketing team at Raytheon along with their omnipotent lawyers killed the airplane. 


               Burt designed a 400 KT dart that had long legs and a purty figger.  The marketing department turned her into a  slug with short legs and lots of vortex generators.  You see, marketing wanted an all-weather aircraft before weeping wing technology existed so they had to add boots to the wings and canard.  This detached flow, so they had to add vortex generators everywhere. 


               They also wanted flaps.  This precipitated the mechanical linkages to sweep the canard forward during landing to keep the center of lift where it needs to be.


               When they were through, the airplane had gained a ton of weight limiting it’s payload and range, and slowing it by 100 (!) knots..  The Piaggio P180 that was designed to be it’s competition all of a sudden was a much better choice.  Since Raytheon is not a state owned multinational, it could not continue to sell and support a loser.   


Direct from the horse’s mouth, Burt Rutan hissef.



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And why was there aluminum mesh in the carbon?




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Friend of mine used to work at Raytheon service facility. They did the repairs and maintenance on the starships.

Remember him talking that the aluminum mesh imbedded in the carbon fiber was a constant corrosion problem. Difficult and expensive repair.

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S. Ramirez wrote:
> Ric or anyone,
> How does Robert S. keep the Starships going?  Surely they need
> serviceable parts, and with the fleet gone, seems like Beech or Raytheon
> wouldn't have any in stock.  I've often wondered how someone keeps such
> a magnificent bird in the air serviced properly.

Ok, this is just a guess.  Could be wrong.

I understood that Beech's reason for buying back all the StarShips was so they didn't have
to support them.  Perhaps by refusing to sell, Robert has forced Beech to continue support
for his aircraft.  Remember, just a wild ass guess.

It's very possible that there isn't much in the aircraft that cannot be repaired, and that
appropriately licensed people might be able to fabricate anything needed.

I'd guess that Beech sourced many of the parts, and that possibly many of those parts were
not unique to the StarShip.  The original mfgs might be able to supply needed parts.

Maybe he's just REAL careful.

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