Re: Cancellation of Rutan Trubute flyby. Attn: Mr. Poberezny, Mr. Knapinski and Mr. Smith

Lynn Canatella <lcanatella@...>

These are excellent comments Patrick! When I began this discussion (see below) on July 29th, it was with the intent that EAA made a mis-step, which they still had time to correct. I thought that the more people that let them know so, the higher the motivation would be to correct it by doing it in the next couple of days.
It was not to give them the finger and tell them were out of here. EAA performs a service to all of us no matter what we fly, in terms of being at the fore-front when threatening rules/regulations/laws/actions/cuts are in play.
This continues to get worse on both sides. The July 2010 board minutes indicate that one of only three qualifications for a new president was "the ability to communicate". Not only has Mr. Hightower not communicated to this group on this subject, but apparently even Patrick can't find his email address, as only his bio is in the attached link. EAA is too small for him to be this hard to "find" electronically!
And you all do have the right to communicate with wallets, but isn't it more fun to see if you can effect change by participating? When you think about it our thoughts on where we end up being parked sometimes (in the grass and mud with fragile wheel pants that sit 3" off the ground); how much we are featured, or included in activities, etc. all have a lot to do with the fact that we don't have an active presence representing canards in general. Whereas Warbirds have their own publication, and enough of them interact with EAA to have calm discussions about what they need, or would like to see. And the obviously do things that help EAA put on a good show. So it's more of a group give and take that we don't really have.
I think EAA AirVenture is all the things everyone has written, fun, stressful, expensive, multi-faceted but not enough so, commercial-but that's why we have better bathrooms..... we could go on and on.
I personally took offense by Adam's email stating basically that the time they took to respond allowed us to "put our spin" on things. That was not something I expected to see from a communicator! and it was cut and pasted to more then one person so it was a form letter by the time the second person got it. Pilot's and those that work with and around them are used to having to make quick decisions; they made one when they cancelled the fly by. They should have made another one to respond in a better manner rather then let everyone be angry for days.
But, I digress, I just had to get that out. The main point I want to make is I think we need to be in their face, politely, saying we want more skin in this adventure that is both EAA and EAA AirVenture. And keep pushing until we see it.

 on 7/29/11 I wrote:
"I wonder what the reason was? [in response to Steve Beert's email below] (I'm not there but my husband and his Reserve Grand Champion Xtra EZ were, and ready to fly).  They should have made EXTREME effort to stick to what they promoted to everyone  since the day after the show ended last year; they could have planned practice flights if training/safety was an issue.  EAA has just really strayed from the HOMEBUILT focus at AirVenture,  this is an example of that to me. We know we don't produce the dollars, but the the builders and flyers of these airplanes are both the beginning the heart of EAA.
You can't go to an air show and not see noisy warbirds- just not that unusual. (And I love warbirds, so I'm not against them.) But it would have truly been an unusual sight for most of the attendees to have seen a flight of canards, and would have meant a lot to everyone who has been thinking about it for a year and seriously wanted to show Burt what he was the impetus of.  We can all do our thing at chapter events, and many are more oriented one way or another just based on what members happen to fly,  but in the end the big celebration (AirVenture) should be well balanced.

It doesn't seem like this change of plans was handled well but AirVenture is not over! (The rest of the schedule is quite commercial oriented, loaded with guess what, warbirds and commercially produced airplanes.) There is still time to execute a fly over if they really  wanted to. 

At any rate, please -everyone let Mr. Hightower know of your concern/s if you agree. He's on a mission, and he's very focused, and I suspect he will listen.  After searching for 20 minutes I could not find his email address, but if you use convention@... I'm sure they will get it to him. If we are specific and not nasty it will be a more productive exchange. 

Lynn Canatella
Xtra EZ N541SL
And EZ N2424SK

On Jul 28, 2011, at 8:05 PM, Steve Beert wrote:

Let's try this again! New At this I phone stuff! It was great seeing all the canards at Oshkosh. So many great planes there for Burts day. Just like the old days. What a disappointment when they canceled the Rutan fly by! Thanks to all the guys and gals who pushed there airplanes out there and attended there mandatory briefing to fly there canards for us! What a disappointment when they canceled the fly by on Burts day that they advertised for year! EAA missed on this one! They should of canceled the L39 and noisy t6s that fly every day! They did fly the boomerang and starship but dumped the rest! Its was great to see them fly the two planes. Many angry EAAers! They are going to hear about this BS!

Steve Beert"

On Aug 9, 2011, at 4:43 PM, Pat Panzera wrote:



This is the wrong attitude.

A little over a week ago, standing outside the Chris Heintz dinner located in a tent adjacent to the Nature Center, Paul Poberezny said to a small group of us. "Look around... all this is yours." He then went on to tell us the history of the grounds and why they are kept the way they are.

We can't bring change to OUR group by bailing out. We also can't do it by butting heads with those in charge, who are there by our doing*. You have more say that you might think.
*when was the last time you voted, or otherwise campaigned, for (or against) the election of a board member? Remember, they work for us. 

And if you think you'll be better represented by AOPA, you're fooling yourself. For GA, maybe, but for EAB, no way. 

Maybe these guys need to hear from you?  Maybe you need to be on the HB council yourself?
There are some seats available.

There is also a board of directors who might be interested in hearing from you, not to mention the new President/CEO.   He considers himself a homebuilder, having restored a Stearman. 

A few years ago the EAA created (and filled) a new, full-time position for someone strong in homebuilding. The person who was promoted into that position recently quit, leaving a void to fill. Maybe consider filling it?

If you are for change, then don't quit. Maybe even consider becoming a lifetime member. If you aren't a member then change that now. You don't have a voice if you are not a member.

And don't begrudge the attention paid to the Zenith and Sonex builders or RV assemblers, they're on your side; they are builders of experimental, amateur-built aircraft too, many of whom feel the same way you do.

Recently I was at a meeting of EAA publications. There was one a-hole (thankfully not on staff and one who wouldn't know an EZ from an RV) who was literally promoting the removal of the word Experimental from our groups name. Don't let him win.



On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 12:54 PM, S. Ramirez <simon@...> wrote:


Thanks for writing this rant.  I wholeheartedly agree with you, and my response like others is to vote with my pocketbook.  I can think of better ways to spend my money.  Hopefully, the HAA will become a reality, and we'll start this cycle all over again.

Simon Ramirez
Oviedo, FL  USA

On 8/9/2011 10:35 AM, Ryszard wrote:

Dear Mr. Poberezny, Mr. Knapinski and Mr. Smith

I'm finding hard to have any sympathy for EAA's plight over this situation. All of the criticism you're receiving I personally believe you deserve. It seems you’re rather oblivious to the fact that all this criticism isn't the result of the single incident that occurred on what was supposed to be "Burt Rutan Day". This is a culmination of decades of people being treated indifferently by an organization that's built its success on those very people. Mr. Smith, it’s obvious that you aren't grasping the nature of this when you make statements like: "now being analyzed for deep political meaning on the internet forums, etc.", and; "reinforce a feeling that EAA doesn’t care about homebuilts”.  It might behoove you to research the Canard Aviators forum archives. You'll find disillusionment with EAA has been growing at a rate very similar to the growth of the EAA’s net worth.  That same disillusionment has been expressed to EAA over the same time period, but the obvious result proved last week is no one was listening. 

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