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Hey-- great idea,
but that would leave the Velocity and Aerocanard folk out-- oh, they probably wouldn't want to belong, anyway. And what about the hybrids, ie. those Cozy folks that used some Aerocanard parts? 
Then , of course, you would have to have various sections of the new organization indicating the percent of the project that the member actually built. Few of these aircraft are finished by the original builder. So you could break it up into quarters. 25% for one group, 50% for the other, 75% for the next, and of course the "best and most powerful group" the 100%ers. Each group could then discriminate against and complain about the other group's power.
There could even be an additional group for those who built their own avionics, divided into two, those that built from scratch and those who built theirs from kits.
And what about painting. We could further divide the group by those who painted themselves and those who had their aircraft professionally painted... and then there is the upholstery.
A further division is those who modified the plans and those who went exactly according to plans.
Don't even mention the various engine groups.
A composite group, tube and rag, metal, wood.
To satisfy everybody in the group, you would have to have groups of 1 person.
This is by no means an endorsement of EAA, but when you design a new group, it may be important to have it inclusive, not exclusive, less it exclude itself.
By the way, how many of you have ever voted for anybody on the board of directors or created groups to try to move this organization in the way you want it to.

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Hope its the ESAP.
Experimental Scratchbuilt Aviation Pilots association...
The Vans guys won't be interested probably. Just the scratch builders. "Homebuilt" sounds so dang hokey to me.
Plenty of guys start in a garage but the last 50% is built somewhere else like a hangar.

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Thanks for writing this rant.  I wholeheartedly agree with you, and my response like others is to vote with my pocketbook.  I can think of better ways to spend my money.  Hopefully, the HAA will become a reality, and we'll start this cycle all over again.

Simon Ramirez
Oviedo, FL  USA

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Dear Mr. Poberezny, Mr. Knapinski and Mr. Smith

I'm finding hard to have any sympathy for EAA's plight over this situation. All of the criticism you're receiving I personally believe you deserve. It seems you’re rather oblivious to the fact that all this criticism isn't the result of the single incident that occurred on what was supposed to be "Burt Rutan Day". This is a culmination of decades of people being treated indifferently by an organization that's built its success on those very people. Mr. Smith, it’s obvious that you aren't grasping the nature of this when you make statements like: "now being analyzed for deep political meaning on the internet forums, etc.", and; "reinforce a feeling that EAA doesn’t care about homebuilts”.  It might behoove you to research the Canard Aviators forum archives. You'll find disillusionment with EAA has been growing at a rate very similar to the growth of the EAA’s net worth.  That same disillusionment has been expressed to EAA over the same time period, but the obvious result proved last week is no one was listening. 

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