Jim Wier? Rutan Cancelation

Ken Brimmer <kbrimmer@...>

    As an old geezer I was trying to recall what happened to Jim Wier.  I and many others of the older builders may recall that Jim Wier, the maker of the home builders intercom kit, once tried to be on the EAA board.  He was turned down and after that he seemed to have dropped interest in the home building community.  I built his kit and used his antenna system.  (After 18 years they are still working fine although I understand that his support has disappeared).  I remember he did a lot of testing of his kits and it was all for the home builder market.  I remember at the time thinking that he would be a good representative as his work and research were all directed to the home builders.
    Look the EAA is a voluntary organization.  You do not have to join.  If it does not represent your views or give you some service you should leave, unless you get some enjoyment in just holding the membership card.  The AOPA well represents us once we get to be flyers of our airplanes.  In fact if you plan on going out of the country their help is invaluable.  Almost all the "homebuilder" assistance I have gotten over the years is from Terry Schubert's Central States News Letter.  Also I get some from the Cozy and Canard Aviators emails. 
    The trouble with the emails is that some of the information is too broad or in a few cases unreliable.  If we had to have one person to represent us as a group it would be Terry, but like Jim Wier, he would never be accepted by the ruling body of EAA.  But that is alrignt as long as we get his Newsletter.   The only thing that we seem to be saying is that we wanted a little recognition from EAA by recognizing Burt.  If Rough River was just a little bigger I bet we could get over a hundred planes in there and do a real "thank you"  to Burt .  I will be hanging the earphones up soon so it is up to the newer builders to make the changes they want, but it does seem that the flying "ducks" do seem to want something.  You just have to decide what you want.   See you at RR. 
Ken Brimmer, Cozy III, IO320,1300hrs, 18 yrs.
Easton, MD (ESN)
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