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Elwood Johnson

I also was interviewed. Chose not to fly in the review.  However I had a great time at OSH and agree with your comments Jim.

EJ Johnson 

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Years ago, a gentleman with a four digit EAA number, explained to me why EAA is a good organization.  His simple explanation:  It is an organization for anyone who has a passion or interest in aviation.  Ray “went West” a few years ago but before he did he built several aircraft from plans and several aircraft from kits including fixed and rotary wing aircraft.  His success as an entrepreneur allowed him to restore and fly a T-28.


This was the second year I flew my Defiant to Oshkosh.  On Sunday July 24th, purely by chance, my wife had a brief conversation with Lori from the video crew that filmed all of the AOPA Live interviews.  As a result of that brief conversation, AOPA Live interviewed my wife, my son and myself.  The interviews happened at random, unplanned and unscripted!  If interested, you can find the interview at:

or go to and search for “Defiant family.”


FYI:  I was one of two Defiant builder / pilot’s scheduled to fly in the Rutan tribute.  I (my plane) was also selected by the Home Built Review committee to fly in the Home Built Review on Friday, July 29th.  My Defiant was one of twenty-two Home Builts (one of three canards) to fly in the review.


Jim Rodrian

Defiant N403R

Grafton, WI

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