Re: HELP! Allergy attack.

David A Froble

First, listen to the Doctors, and don't go back home! This stuff can get
out of hand.

As for the fiberglass, anything is possible, but the analysis of the medical
people sounds pretty good. Uncured epoxy is a sure problem, but my
understanding is that once cured there's usually nothing that can cause a

I've seen detergent do this.

I've had food get me a few times. It's food that at other times hasn't affected
me very much.

There are services that use hugh blowers to clean out air ducts. Not real
expensive. Many times the people who do carpets also offer this service. They
may be able to clean other things.

Good luck! These things can be rather hard to figure out. Been there.


David Froble Tel: 724-529-0450

Scott Christensen wrote:

My wife has been having severe allergy attacks since Friday with hives over
her entire body. We've been to the ER three times now and they have treated
her with steroids by both pill and injection form. She has never had this
type of thing before.

It also appears that the cold air return picked up some of the dust and
distributed it to a number of rooms. (again noticed while dusting) After
this occurred we spend the whole day dusting and cleaning the house.
Vacuumed the furniture, carpets, etc.

I told the doctors about the fiberglass but they do not believe that this is
the cause due to being a month ago. Also they thought if it were the
fiberglass we would have seen a few isolated rash spots with it getting
worse as time/exposure went on; not a first occurrence with an entire body
rash as my wife had on Friday.

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