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Ryan Kyzar

Yeah I was just giving Marc a hard time. I have nothing against capitalism. As far as I know Spruce had been selling it at that price for a while and Wicks has to mark it up because they get it from them.

On Oct 12, 2013 9:32 PM, "SD-Ramirez, Simon" <simon@...> wrote:
Maybe not funny, Ryan, but it does describe capitalism.  If you don't like capitalism, just wait a few more years and lets see if socialism solves this problem.

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On 10/12/2013 9:21 PM, Ryan Kyzar wrote:

Not helpful... or funny.  ;)

On Oct 12, 2013 8:32 PM, "Marc J. Zeitlin" <marc_zeitlin@...> wrote:
Ryan Kyzar wrote:

Anybody have 20+ yards of 3" UNI spar tape they would be willing to sell me? Aircraft Spruce has been out for a while and they keep postponing their date when it will be in stock.  Wick's seems to have it, but a good bit more expensive.

Two things come to mind:
  1. That's strange - I thought that Wicks got it's spar tape FROM ACS.

  2. The "Wick's seems to have it, but a good bit more expensive." line reminds me of a joke:

    Guy sees a REALLY nice suit in the window of a clothing store. He wants one, and goes inside. Says "Hey, that's a GREAT suit you've got there in the window - how much is it". The salesman says "it's $75." "Wow - that's a great price for such a nice suit - I'll take one". The salesman replies "I'd be happy to sell it to you, but we're out of them at the moment. "Gee, that's too bad", says the guy - "do you know anywhere else around here that carries them?". The salesman points him to a store a couple blocks away, and the guy runs over there. This other place DOES carry the exact same suit, but when the guy asks how much they are, the salesman says $350. "Holy crap", says the guy, "the place around the corner is selling them for $75". "Well", says the salesman, "why don't you purchase one there?". The guy tells the salesman that the other store is out of them at the moment.

    "Well", says the salesman in the second store, "when we're out of them, we sell them for $75, too".

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