Re: COZY: Roncz elevator parts wanted to buy or borrow


The only parts we do not have in stock are the NC-6's and the LE elevator torque tubes
Chrissi & Randi. 

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From: Robert Asis
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Sent: Fri, Mar 7, 2014 10:34 am
Subject: COZY: Roncz elevator parts wanted to buy or borrow

I'm interested in buying if you have extras or allow me to borrow the parts for a few days.  Our main supplier has been out of stock for almost a year and I really need to get his part done.

NC-3 & NC-3a
NC-12 (Left & Right) or (preferred CG Products variety MKNC-12A Left & Right - offset versions)

CS-10 & CS-11 (lead weights)

If you don't have any for sale but willing to lend it to me for a few days so I can get it modeled on SolidWorks and verify dimensions before sending to fabrication,  I will pay for your expenses of packaging the parts and UPS overnight shipping to and from your address.

Please respond to me privately.
Robert Asis

Long Ez #963
Chino, CA

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