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All rotary mounts were built with 0* thrust, those few that have flown them have not had any issues. We asked. All of these mounts made prior to us making them were also made that way. Nobody on the RX lists had remarked about thrust issues either.
The Lycoming dynafocal rubber, especially the genuine Lord rubbers sag as they age, most likely at least the 1.5*. The half priced VIP dynafocal rubbers last longer but not as smooth as the Lord ones.
Whether under the thrust load of the engine in flight they come up hard  against the mount and regain whatever sag we do not know. Probably under WOT during climb.

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No, I don’t think this is correct.  See earlier email chain today.  We have an up thrust angle on purpose.
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When I was building the engine mount there was a chapter that read, how to install your engine.
I was able to extrapolate from the side view of the M,s that the engine is square to the fire wall.
The 1.5 is for older people that are starting to sag.

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parallel side to side, 1.5* vertical per plans, anything from 0-1.5* is fine. Rubber mounts eventually sag to 0*
... Chrissi
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I've looked over Chap 23 in the Cozy MKIV plans and cannot find anywhere in the chapter about mounting the engine and cowling parallel to the longerons. There is mention across the longerons for alignment of the two top holes and position of the holes but nothing following checking flatness of the four pads to the firewall. It goes right to mounting the cowl and accessories.
Okay, One person mentioned mounting the engine 1 deg from the longerons but logic tells me to mount the engine parallel to the longerons. No theories please just facts or tell me where it's in the plans.
Greg Norman
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