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Greg, it is built into our mounts as it should have been in all the Brock mounts, Weldtech mounts and any others.

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[1.5* vertical per plans]  I found this on M29. There's a 1.5 deg line from the location line of one of the dynafocal mounts - very vague. I assume that's what we're supposed to believe but no other instruction. Could also mean the offset angle from the bottom to the top dynafocal mount since they are at different distances to the firewall. I don't have a Brock dynafocal mount. Mine is a CG so possibly it's built in as well?  I already made my cowl so I hope it is. That would make my prop c/l roughly 1.4 higher than the c/l at the firewall.
[anything from 0-1.5* is fine] Didn't see this in the plans but makes sense.

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parallel side to side, 1.5* vertical per plans, anything from 0-1.5* is fine. Rubber mounts eventually sag to 0*
... Chrissi
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I've looked over Chap 23 in the Cozy MKIV plans and cannot find anywhere in the chapter about mounting the engine and cowling parallel to the longerons. There is mention across the longerons for alignment of the two top holes and position of the holes but nothing following checking flatness of the four pads to the firewall. It goes right to mounting the cowl and accessories.
Okay, One person mentioned mounting the engine 1 deg from the longerons but logic tells me to mount the engine parallel to the longerons. No theories please just facts or tell me where it's in the plans.
Greg Norman
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