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In the case of the rotary mounts there are two opportunities to easily adjust engine thrust angle, washers at the firewall and washers under the rubber mounts. With the Lycoming mounts only washers on the firewall to correct for non-flat firewalls or ones out of rig. In the case of the Long-ez and Cozy III mounts, get it on the firewall correctly the first time. The 1.5* is built into the mounts for the LE and C3.

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Ya got to ask the question, "why?".

Possibly several reasons.

1) in cruise, pushing the nose down will yield a higher cruise speed

2) If at a low throttle setting, and full throttle is applied, probably
because you feel you need full throttle, the nose will be pushed down,
and the aircraft will gain speed. The opposite might push the nose up,
and if you're in need of airspeed quick, this can be dangerous.

3) not sure what else may be in consideration ...

Regardless, it can be a safety issue, and it can be a performance issue,
and I'd bet those with rotary power could use the same benefits. Note
that the lycoming (and rotary) powered aircraft will most likely appear
to fly well without the positive thrust angle, or even with some
negative angle. But there is a small difference. Will it ever be
meaningful? Hope not.

Hicks, Wayne wrote:
> Okay, Okay. I forget about you rotary guys and girls.
> But, for lycomings, the engine should be mounted at 1.5 degrees, not
> zero. Right?

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