Attention eTech, Arduino, PLC, Glass panel, 3D printers, tablet users


Thank you to all who responded to our survey!
It appears there are a lot of us out there using or are interested 
in some of the emerging technology out there and are applying
it to their airplane projects.
Randi and I are the Engines Workshop co-chairs at Sun N Fun
and they have approved our plan to test the waters for an
Emerging Technology Uses Group; eTUG.
Time is short but we hope to have a demo 3D printer running in
the workshop, at the very least we will have sample 3D prints from
an ongoing project of ours and prototypes of the project as well
as an Arduino project under development.
If you are coming to Sun N Fun, please stop by the workshop
and say hello. Tell us about your interests and projects, better
yet, bring them along.
We will have our first in-formal meeting on Friday, April 4th at
10:00am in the Engines Workshop tent. Its an opportunity to get
together, talk with others about your projects and ideas and let
us know what you'd like to see in the future.
If you have a project you'd like to bring or do a presentation, please
contact us. was launched yesterday!
Even if you cannot make it to Sun N Fun or Oshkosh please go there
and join in, tell us about your aviation related eTech projects. We are
hoping to see this grow into a lively and interesting community of
aviation eTech geeks.
Please be patient, the forum will have it's glitches at first and until
we get some moderators in place who can devote the time to help
this all run smoothly.
If you have suggestions for sub-forums and topics,
please let us know.
And finally, if you are on the Velocity list, Van's list or other aviation
related list please forward this posting to help get the word out.
Regards, Chrissi & Randi
CG Products
Sun N Fun Engine Workshop co-chairs

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