Big kudos to Tim Fisher and his lovely wife for a great event, fine dinner and terrific tribute to Dead Stick!

Thank you to Don for keeping an eye on things and all the years of keeping our West Coast event alive. 

It says a lot when some folks who can't launch due to weather actually drive 12+ hours to attend!  Jim Price and a couple others did that a few years ago.  This year and an old salt and his nephew builder drove all the way down from Tacoma.

Beautiful Berkuts this year.  Burrall does some smoking work!!  Fantastic source for all things canard.  

Beagle had an excellent talk on navigation outside the GPS world.  Puts you back in touch with charts and all the data they make available.   Thanks to him.

Good seminar on formation flying.   Not something I'm interested in but was good to see how it's done and how well it's organized among the pros.

Looking forward  to next year and,  hopefully.....Arlington in a few days!!!!!

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