Oshkosh Tuesday Night Canardians Spaghetti Bash


If you have not already RSVP'd -and- received a "Thank You!" confirmation back, please do so soon.
Each year we manage to make just enough spaghetti, garlic bread and sangria for everybody to get their fill plus seconds because people are good about giving us a head count, we make only what we need.
Subject: COZY: Cozy Girrrls 6th Annual Early Birds Spaghetti Dinner

Cozy Girrrls 6th Annual Early Birds Spaghetti Dinner

Its that time again!
If you are coming to Osh and are going to be there early in the week and hoping to connect with other Canardians, this is where and when to do it:
Location will be at our campsite on North Doolittle providing we get our usual spot
otherwise we will put out the word via grapevine where we will be located,
as always look for the little red truck (hopefully, it is a work in process).

Tuesday, July 29th, social hour begins around 5PM beverages available BYO Beer

$10"donation" per person
=Please, no animals!=

Picnic tables are never guaranteed so bring a chair if you are able to scrounge one.

You will need your chair and maybe a blanket for the movie next door, schedule says
Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
Tuesday, July 29
2030 - 2200 (8:30 PM -10:00 PM) or stick around and socialize!

Our trusty band of well trained and highly skilled volunteers look forward to seeing you all there!

PLEASE, if you are coming to the dinner send us an RSVP with a one line response:

#of people, Names, email & cell
Please do it like this:

2,Chrissi TheCook, Randi TheChatterBoss, CozyGirrrl@...,555-867-5309

(thisis a test)

That way there will be enough food and beverage, you wouldn't want to run out would you?

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