Give this guy a hand


Now for something completely different... (loosely aviation related)
Last Sunday Randi and I went to the 2nd annual Steelfest, a Rat Rod show/competition/ burnout fest etc.
The premise is 30 days, $3000, build a rat rod driveable at least 300 miles . The rods were from all over the country.
What does this have to do with aviation you ask? One guy had a Continental 6 cyl (0-490?) tucked under the front of what started life as a VW bug.
How he got a running continental engine and the rest of this together for under $3k who knows but  it looked cool, runs so so and certainly lit up the tires.
It is cooled by two rather large electric fans just blowing (down?)  one on each side. Adapted to an automatic transmission.
He had no aviation engine experience or guidance and a heck of a time getting it running. He set the redline at 3k.
He did ask us about a source for plugs and we recommended he get in touch with Klaus,
I could not see this guy buying a dozen new aircraft plugs and staying in budget.
Anyhow, check out his project, if you like it please go to and vote for Chris Walker, MN he is lagging behind the
more favored traditional rods. Chris is a really nice guy, great to talk to and quite a craftsman.
If you are in TN that is the destination of the show for the next week, worth a look.

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