REDUCED Cozy IV project for sale!

Ryan Kyzar

I listed this a month ago and have not had any takers.  I am going to reduce it to $2500 and not include the t-shirts I had previously included with the sale.  I'm willing to drive it pretty far if you are willing to pay.  Let me know!


Cozy Mk IV project for sale: $2500

I bought the tub completed through mid chapters 8/9, and haven't done anything to that.  I have one canard partially built and all materials to complete it.  I have another (non-airworthy) canard that could be used for load testing.  I have several gallons of MGS epoxy and hardener and plenty of UNI and BID for quite a few chapters.  I'll include the plans, table, heat box with thermostat, fiberglass wall box with folding table, gear hoop (only first few layups and hydraulic tubing added), all build logs and plenty of photos, and a writeup by Tom Jacobs on the tub section of the project.  I'm sure there are other items I'm forgetting that I'll throw in as well. 

For pictures of the Cozy project, please see

I'll sell the whole thing for $2,500.  If the buyer would come pick it up in Warner Robins, GA, I'll even show you how to do some fiberglass work if you want.  If you want it delivered, we can work out an arrangement.  Please contact me and I'll provide whatever information you need.


Ryan Kyzar

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