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Thanks James, Tony,
Making the pockets with CNC is not such a big deal though even that took a lot of code massaging and experimenting (hours) to yield a pocket we liked. Make a small mistake and you waste a long expensive tube.
What you are paying for is precision and labor. Every fraction of a degree the pockets are misclocked with respect to each other is lost elevator travel you cannot recover. Our tubes now have ZERO clocking error. When we first started our tubes had 1/4 deg max clocking error.
Additional labor comes from approx. 35-45min per tube to glass blast each one so that they can be alodined, otherwise you'd sand it all off before bonding. Add the plater's fees.
I made a tiny setup error on the last run, cost us ten tubes that were 0.100" short on one end which painfully was not picked up until checking them AFTER they were blasted. The tubes come in certain lengths, there is scrap that cannot be recovered. We ate them. Did not increase the price to absorb the loss. We make (invest) in large batches then sit on the inventory for a year or two.
Yes they are expensive, prolly going to raise the price =)
Please have at it with a Dremel(tm) this is after all Exprimental Aviation. Our first set of tubes were bought from Brocks Mfg "ready to go", I messed them up with a jeweler's file trying to make the pockets fit the inserts (wrong way around) and had to order a second set of tubes.
I know it seems simple, this is not the place to save a few dollars.
Regards, Chrissi & Randi

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Think again.  $160 is QUITE reasonable and they are very well done.  Unless you are a machinist yourself, and have ready access to the machines needed to fabricate them (correctly) will not find a better deal, especially if you try to hire a shop to do a set on a “one-off” basis.  The parts are FAR more complex than some tube and a hand file can accommodate – they are not just tubes with square holes.
Trust me...this is an area where writing the check is a very good thing.
Berkut/Race 13
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Hey guys. Looking for an alternate source for the Roncz Canard elevator torque tubes. I know the Cozy Girls sells them but $160 seems steep. The blueprints claim they need to be machined out. Can I not just get some 1" 2024 and file them myself?

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