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Dave, "Kitty" would love it in the pods, she thinks every container is a potential nest, but especially loves the washing machine in the basement. Once you put her in the problem is removing her, claims it for herself and when you reach in she is all beak. Close the lid and you hear clink clink clink as she goes round and round. With her very long tail she can just get a glimpse of the end of it as she chases it around the impellor trying to catch up with the "other" bird in there with her.

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Dave Covert davecove@... [canard-aviators] wrote:
> I think a
clear nose cone might scare the ever-livin' carp outta 
> anything but a pet

Well, since Chrissi has a Blue & Gold MaCaw ....

As do I

But, I'd still worry abut it, not being able to reassure them.


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